International commercial law

However, commercial rules and customs are not only to be considered in the national commercial law. In the international commercial law cross-border regulations are to be observed. Among other things our firm specializes in international commercial transactions with the former Soviet Union countries. Beyond that, we have contacts to Spanish lawyers and cooperate with a law firm in Shanghai. We will assist you in organization of your international business affairs, provide contacts and advise you in tax and employment questions. We will be happy to represent your interests in negotiations and draft contracts for you. The most frequent problem in contract design for international transactions is inadvertence. This can annihilate all the benefits of international purchasing or marketing. An economically efficient business needs filigree structuring, which optimally uses all the possibilities provided by global economy. However, the best contract will not help you if you are dealing with unreliable partners. We will obtain information about your future business partners abroad and help you to minimize risks.